Sunday, June 8, 2008

darkness, hesitation

O, how I have longed for what lies 'out' of this dark place, but never did this desire transfix me as it does now. This exit, the engravèd, is near! I have touched it, felt it. It bears warmth and promise. But what is on the other side?

A wasteland, perhaps. Scorched earth, jagged dissonant skies, no solitude. This I fear, this I hope is far from me! Perhaps, then, comfort lies beyond this exit, and cool breezes, flocking wildlife.

I lament that nothing can show me and absolve this anxiety, short of committing to open the door. Should it even be unlocked. This also I yet do not know. Now that I have reached this far, the exit may not permit me freedom. Perhaps it is looking for another to open it.
O how my heart beats, how I must realise I have longsufferance, and steadily grasp the handle to liberate me.

Let me inform you of something else, while I came closer to the exit, as I first was able to graze it, how a portion of its warmth seeped in, the blackness of this place swarmed in. Engulfing, it made the darkest night seem day. I could have held pitch in a vessel to shed light on my path.

And I am not sure what this trial means. Time, the arbiter and enemy, will tell. If only I could pass company with another...

I implore you to plumb the depths of thought, friends. May your contemplation prove fruitful.
And I prithee to include me if you might, in the depths of your minds.



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