Wednesday, September 12, 2007

unnatural's nature

for clarification, Virtuality is not reality. nor is it imaginary.
a virtual image is one which has been seen through a lens, or reflected or somehow projected. a mirror image, for example, or that of a television screen. even the ant through the magnifying glass. these are virtual.

Virtuality is such, a skewed, or distorted image of reality. it is not imagined, for the image is derived from states and experiences of the real world. yet the two are independent. they are necessary consequents of the other. either can be known without specifying the other.

as such, there is much room for a variety of perceptions of Virtuality - whether the image of reality is sombre, quiet, arid, or lively, gay, lush.

i endeavour only to portray how reality projects itself in my mind - my own perceptions, the results of observations. and the results when these perceptions are processed.

the only rules to break are of one's own conception - yet to join me in Virtuality, one must be lead, perceiving my perceptions, lest their own presumptions form for them a separate world. one may quest for interaction - by asking questions - to add a greater level of immersion into Virtuality.

thus, quest for clarification should it be needed after this.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


lethargic in my own reporting. this past era, i had journeyed a stretch down this valley i observe. there are more virtual people where i journeyed to. and they are very different! all different colours, shapes, sizes. from my vantage i even hear addresses i had ne'er before.

these newer people, i hesitate to call them 'newer' as they have likely been here as long as the others, yet i had never observed them before, these people frolick and gallivant nigh unceasingly. certainly unconventionally, if you would allow me to adopt conventions in Virtuality.
one of the taller ones has both a smile and a frown. they seem to both be present at times, though it may be they just switch back and forth so often - and so quickly! - that i cannot distinguish. this one is intriguing.

as i said, i had journeyed down here. this was at the beginning of the era. at that time, i could not tell what these virtual people were doing, but since then, i have caught on. seems i have gotten ahead of myself - or rather, behind; this is the past as i see it from the real present. i am more concerned with what i am regarding as the future in reality. i can only fantasize about the events in Virtuality which will reflect this future.

speculation is an odd branch of(f) processing. it may be connected at the trunk of sequences of knowledge, or it may separate into a entirely different entity, thus the ambiguity of: of or off in relation to processing.
speculation can be poorly referred to as 'idle guesswork' but it entials so much more: a future state may be fairly concrete insofar as past states dictate, but the satellites to a state are transient - subject to as much change as a growing, lazy mind.

here is the groundwork for my speculation in Virtuality. i have journeyed back to the valley i had observed in the past. what is concrete is the general shape of the valley - though somehow i have come to be on the other side of it - and the virtual people as well appear quite similar. there are a few more that were not there before. this is not unexpected though.

a beginning, but not a new one. one that has precipitated in the past and is occuring once again. the general nature of it is concrete - the same as the previous precipitation of it, yet there is much room for speculation - much room to observe and process anew, to learn more and see what can be learned.

how exciting!

speculation, though, is riddled with potential falsehoods, it is a byproduct of mixing reality and Virtuality, which rarely leads to helpful insight. so, as i may so i will do: speculate on mine own and relate the events as they unfold in Virtuality. thus i do you a favour and keep from your mind any falsehoods.

once again, as time passes, reality elapses and i find i am in need of rest to revitalise my body. this is the expected sequence of events and necessities in reality; i am sure you are quite familiar with this though. so, i bid thee a good night, and provision to your mind to wander as it will, and wonder with merit.