Wednesday, September 12, 2007

unnatural's nature

for clarification, Virtuality is not reality. nor is it imaginary.
a virtual image is one which has been seen through a lens, or reflected or somehow projected. a mirror image, for example, or that of a television screen. even the ant through the magnifying glass. these are virtual.

Virtuality is such, a skewed, or distorted image of reality. it is not imagined, for the image is derived from states and experiences of the real world. yet the two are independent. they are necessary consequents of the other. either can be known without specifying the other.

as such, there is much room for a variety of perceptions of Virtuality - whether the image of reality is sombre, quiet, arid, or lively, gay, lush.

i endeavour only to portray how reality projects itself in my mind - my own perceptions, the results of observations. and the results when these perceptions are processed.

the only rules to break are of one's own conception - yet to join me in Virtuality, one must be lead, perceiving my perceptions, lest their own presumptions form for them a separate world. one may quest for interaction - by asking questions - to add a greater level of immersion into Virtuality.

thus, quest for clarification should it be needed after this.

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Anonymous said...

Although we live in the same reality, we have seperate minds. If we join our minds, share our observations, and converse on our processings, would our perceptions of Virtuality not become one? I have journeyed myself into Virtuality and observed a much darker "place" than what you describe. But now that your experience has been added to mine in my mind, i begin to sense "glimpses" of that which you speak.