Wednesday, December 13, 2006


such as it was before the beginning, so shall it continue to be.
it is this, a leg of the journey of thought. travelled oft, yet the path is ever new.

last night. i dont know if it was the right time, or if the time mattered, but i walked the roads of contemplation. i walked alongside one of the virtual people. we talked some. she about me, and i about both of us. let me tell you where we walked.

we were walking south at first. there was a desert to the east. this path was well worn. walking along it reminded me of being in the mountains, and having the sheer face of mountains rising on either side. sometimes you might see a plant growing on the stone, but not too often. there isnt much sun either. a gray windswept path. barren, etc. thats what it reminded me of though. we actually walked a different path. the dirt was brown, the grass green. trees lush with fruit, etc. etc.

it was sort of windy. in both meanings. windy like as in gusty, vast amounts of air brushing past us and between us. it made it hard to hear sometimes. also the path was windy, it curved around hills and was lost to view up ahead. so we walked and talked. i dont remember much of the conversation, but it made me peaceful. i remember being confused as well. we talked about where i was before i came to virtuality that time. and there was a different reality to go back to. such contrast, such it inspires confusion. i must have been smiling the whole time. i dont know why it is necessary, but now it seems that nothing else could have been the case.

i dont remember what was at the end of the path, or if we even got to the end, but i am thinking of scrambling up a shale strewn hill, slipping, the rock slicing into my hands, and all that. making very little progress. but that is now in my mind, and i dont think we actually did that.

i really liked that though, i think id like to walk with her again, and talk. maybe it wont be so windy next time.

The introduction

Induced to the beginnings.
Informed but not coerced. Never forced.

Wherever you have been, it is not here. Whether you have listened to music, or gone to school, or had a job, friends, siblings or parents. If you have leisure preferences, or hobbies, demanding deadlines for projects, schoolwork, businesswork.

This is not any of those places. Here, you are none of these things.

Here, I am. And you are welcome.

Here is not reality. Here, is Virtuality.

You may have hobbies, friends, music here, but here is not where they are.
If you are here, then that is what is here. I am here, because I am here. You don't have to come, but if you do, you will be here too.

What do I do here?
Well, I am a processor. If there is something else here, I am an observer as well. I observe and process. I don't get bored, it isn't reality or anything. Processing keeps me from that, and here I process. I don't know what you would do here, but if you come, I might watch you.
It is exciting here. I also listen to music here. All the virtual people like it. But, unlike me, they don't come from reailty. I don't know where they come from, but when I came here, they were here. Sometimes there are more, sometimes less. When I am not here, though, neither are they. But I like to observe them, and then process.

So, welcome. I hope you enjoy it.